Results for 2016

Pony Club horse & hound Show Jumping Challenge:

  • 1st East Cornwall Pony Club
  • 2nd Silverton Pony Club
  • 3rd Devon & Somerset Pony Club
  • 4th Axe Vale Pony Club
  • Most Stylish Rider: Mollie Loosemore from Silverton Pony Club
  • Fastest Runner: Bella Brent from Silverton Pony Club

Junior Show Jumping

  • 1st Sophie Hodgson (Strictly for Fun)
  • 2nd Will Field (Abberley Rose)
  • 3rd Sam Dunning (Rathmore Bob)
  • 4th Alaya Arden (The Flying Pig)
  • 5th Charlotte Hoskin (Afterglow Aramis)
  • 6th Amelia French (Brianna Fire Fly)
  • Best Turned out – Sophie Hodgson (Strictly for Fun)
  • Most Stylish rider – Harriet Thomas (Annandale Captain Splash)

Open in-hand showing: Any type or colour not exceeding 153cm

  • 1st Chelsey Bartlett with Finches Lord Lamborne
  • 2nd Melanie Cawley with Hirondelle + Foal
  • 3rd Mrs C Horswell with Langaller Black Sapphire
  • 4th Darren Commins with The Entertainer
  • 5th Emily Keast with Mona Lan Direidus
  • 6th Hayley Crocker with WRM Otto
  • 7th Anna Richards with Sarum Japhet
  • 8th Edmund Edge with Afon Tark
  • 9th Latonia Conibear with Burghwood Sherman
  • 10th Louise Pearce with Wellshead Duke

Open Ridden showing: Any type or colour exceeding 153cm

  • 1st Jo-Ann Sharp with Regal Spark
  • 2nd Georgina Tully with Collingham
  • 3rd Duncan Langman with Botton Grove Bazel
  • 4th Katy Deithrick with De Merlot
  • 5th Ceri Phipps-Hewlett with Faeryoak Kuda
  • 6th  Emma-Jane Lineham with HF Andreas
  • 7th Rebecca Williams with The Time Bandit
  • 8th Sandra Jones with Xcelsior
  • 9th Natalie Jones with Silvereva
  • 10th Mrs C A Luxton with Parkhill Fred