British Spotted Pony Society

British Spotted Pony Society

The British Spotted Pony is an endearing creature recognised for their unusual coat markings, his wonderful temperament and versatility.

At one time, the British Spotted Pony was feral in the British Isles and their spotted coat pattern acts as natural camouflage as they roamed the heaths and forests of ancient Britain from the ice age onwards.

Cave paintings were discovered dating from 18;000 BC at Peche Merle in SW France illustrate early mans impressions of the animals he hunted and depicted the British Spotted’s  mystical/religious influence.

The British Spotted Pony’s markings fall under six main categories:

Leopard: Spots of any colour on a white or lightly coloured background.

Near Leopard: is very similar but the pony will usually have a darker head, neck and legs with the remainder of its body being similar to that of the leopard.

Few Spot Leopard: White base colour with only a few spots. Strong characteristics often accompanied by varnish marks (groupings of dark hairs within an area- usuallynose, cheek bones, stifle,  gaskin and knee).

Snowflake: White spots on a dark base coat.

Blanket: An area of white over the hips and hindquarters with or without spots. Any base colour. The blanket can extend over the entire back and shoulders. The latter must display strong breed characteristics.

Mottled pattern: The coat is most often irregularly ticked with white, having also large or small roan spots, their outlines rather blurred. Sometimes also a coat looking like an ordinary roan but in which dark blots (varnish marks) appear.