Claire Shand

Claire Shand is an equine SQP (Suitably Qualified Person) from leading postal worm count service, Westgate Laboratories. The lab offers quick, easy to use, great value worm count testing direct to owners with free friendly advice available to all customers. Claire manages the brand and produces the website, social media and print material at Westgate, she is passionate about animal wellbeing and about helping horse owners to use the best worm control for their horses.

By finding out which animals are carrying the worms the drugs can be targeted to only those that need dosing. Westgate clients love the way they don’t need to use unnecessary wormers, their horses are happier and healthier, and as an added bonus they save money too. Using fewer wormers helps to reduce the build-up of resistance as well as being better for the environment. Westgate’s mission has always been to improve the way horses are wormed in the UK and this ethos remains at the heart of the business. The company offer a range of tests to target parasite control in horses and other grazing animals including worm counts, pinworm, liverfluke and lungworm tests as well as the EquiSal test for tapeworm.