Claire Williams – British Equestrian Trade Association

Claire Williams is executive director of the British Equestrian Trade Association, which represents equestrian businesses in the UK. She was born and educated in New Zealand. In 2000, she became BETA’s chief executive.

Over the past 15 years, Claire has worked to extend BETA’s involvement in the wider equestrian industry so that its ability to lobby government on behalf of member companies is strengthened and it can increase awareness of the significant contribution that equestrianism makes to the nation’s economy.  Claire has continued to develop a strong portfolio of benefits for BETA members, been integral in the promotion of the trade association’s work on safety and in the development of the BETA NOPS scheme, which offers riders and feed companies greater peace of mind when buying and making feeds and supplements.

She represents BETA on various industry committees, including the British and EU Hat Standards Committee, the British and EU Body Protector Committee and the British Horse Council. She is also a board member of the Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority (AMTRA) and the British Equestrian Federation