Fell Pony Society

Fell Pony Society

Fell Ponies are the native pony breed of North-West England. They are among the hardiest of all Britain’s Ponies: intelligent, active, easy to keep, long-lived and make good all-round ponies for both adults and children.

There are still a few herds that are managed in the traditional way; they live out all year on the high, open fell land that gives the breed its name. These “semi-Feral” herds are mainly seen at the outer edges of the Lake District, on the Howgills and the western slopes of the Pennines.

Fell Ponies can only be black, grey, dark brown or bay. Their hooves are dark grey and so hard that, unless they are doing a lot of road work, they can go unshod for 365 days a year

The Fell turn their hooves to many tasks including riding, jumping and games, they are great therapy animals for disabled people and aid in forestry work. Fell Ponies are excellent driving ponies for pleasure and competition, as well as doing great under the saddle in Dressage, Show Jumping and on long distance rides.

Historically, these strong, nimble ponies were used everywhere, from city streets to coal mines, and of course by farmers to travel about and tend to their stock on the high fells. Most recently Fell Ponies were worked high in the Lake District Fells carrying equipment for footpath repairs.