Ian Lindsay – Farrier


Ian Lindsay AWCF

During my long carrier in Farriery I have been an approved trainer, successfully training 14 apprentices. In addition I acted as Field Officer for the Farrier Training Agency overseeing the welfare and standards of apprentices and Approved Training Farriers (ATF) in South West England and South Wales.

I have also been a consultant farrier at Bristol University Veterinary in Langford and lectured on the surgical aspects of shoeing to first and forth year students. In my role as consultant I was present in theatre for many foot related diseases and injuries and participated in trials for tendon injuries and laminitis on which I wrote a paper with Prof. Goodship.

When the new apprenticeship NVQ scheme was introduced, myself and the late Ivan Bell FWCF were responsible for setting the standards for all four farriery colleges. I also acted as assessor for the instructional part of the ATF’s qualifications.