Shoeing 2

In the heavy horse village at this years’ Equine Fair, Devon Hoof Clinics will be doing a live Heavy Horse Shoeing Demonstration on Beamish who is an 18.2 shire.

Devon Hoof Clinics runs educational CPD courses for qualified farriers and apprentices from the forge at west point to help keep up with new advancements in the farriery industry and everyday challenges we face whilst out shoeing.

Shoeing heavy horses is not quite the same as working on the average riding horse. The feet and limbs have to support a large body mass, Beamish weighs 900kg and subsequently has very large feet to carry himself that require specialist trimming and shoeing with wide sections of steel.

Local Apprentice Farriers Amy, Kieran and Christian who are at different stages in their apprenticeships will be lead by clinician Andrew Bowyer in the demonstration. The shoes will be hand made in a traditional coal fire as it would have been done in the village smithy. We look forward to seeing you there and answering any questions.